Durable Foil 3-in-1 Roasting Pan, 12-3/4″ x 10-3/8″ x 2-9/16″ (Pack of 12)


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This Durable Foil aluminum roasting pan with display is recyclable, convenient and disposable with support bars that provide sturdiness. Disposable bake ware makes clean up easy, no mess! Great for baking, serving and transporting foods. Case of 12. Made in the USA. Durable Packaging International manufacturers food service packaging products. everything you might require for your commercial baking needs from aluminum foil baking pans and trays to foil rolls and popup sheets.


  • Recyclable, convenient and disposable
  • Disposable bake ware makes clean up easy, no mess
  • Heavy duty roaster with built in non-stick roasting ribs is great for smaller everyday roasts such as chicken, ham and beef
  • Great for basting and browning
  • Made in the USA

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