New Star Foodservice 35407 Commercial Grade Self Defrost Ice Cream Dipper Scoop, 3-Ounce, Size 12, Yellow


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Ever wonder how ice cream vendors can scoop their frozen treats with metal tools and not suffer from the tongue on a frozen pole effect? Well, if you work in an ice cream parlor and you aren’t using one of these, we’re not sure how you do it either! These commercial quality cast aluminum ice cream dippers are designed with a self-defrosting feature built right into the handle. So stop freezing your hands off and a set of self-defrosting ice cream dippers today.


  • Made of commercial quality cast aluminum
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Self-defrosting handles releases portions effortlessly
  • Designed to roll ice cream with minimum compression for more scoops
  • Each Dipper is color coded and size stamped for easy serving

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