Chef’s Quad-Timer Professional (Brushed Stainless)


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Whether preparing a healthy supper for family or a seven course meal for close friends, the chef’s quad-timer makes multi-tasking easy. The chef’s quad-timer features an intuitive cook top metaphor. The four colored lamps on the face of the timer visually connect what’s being timed with what’s on the stove. Running timers illuminate in green and flash red when expired. The quad timer is easy to use. All settings are quickly adjusted using American Innovative’s patent-pending rotary dial controls. Designed to compliment today’s upscale home kitchens, this unique product features eye-catching form and progressive functionality.


  • Features four independent timers (1 minute-24 hours): all timers may be adjusted, paused, or reset independently.
  • Large dual LCD displays any two timers at once
  • Easy-set dials (patent pending) for unprecedented ease-of-use
  • 3 by 1-7/4 by 5 inches- two AAA batteries included
  • Brushed-stainless face, and soft-touch rubberized housing: clock mode makes an attractive kitchen timepiece

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