FEROS Safer Scraper – Wood BBQ Wooden Grill Cleaner + FREE Waterproof Storage Bag! Cleans top AND BETWEEN barbecue grates. Use to oil & clean barbeque. Sustainable replacement for wire bristle brush


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The Safer Scraper is the safest and most efficient way to clean your grill. Don’t be the next Google result for “wire bristle brush dangers,” use a safer, more effective, and more sustainable alternative! This scraper is simple and easy to use – the Safer Scraper will conform to your unique grill pattern and your unique way of handling it. No wrong way to use it! Your unique scraping pattern, pressure, angle, etc. will form “grooves” in the bamboo, making the Safer Scraper the ultimate grill scraping tool. The Safer Scraper is double-sided so you can get in between each of your grill grates using the same groove-forming technique! Use it to safely clean and oil your grill — Grab yours today!!! Also check out our other FEROS products — Magnetic BBQ Tool Holder to hang and store grill items easily and efficiently. BBQ Tool Covers to store your tools outside in a weather-resistant and waterproof sleeve!


  • SAFER – No wire bristles — don’t let wire bristles break off and get lodged in your food, or worse, your body! (Google search “Wire Bristle Dangers”… it’s a scary reality!)
  • MORE EFFECTIVE – Specifically designed for cleaning top of grates, and IN BETWEEN grates. Combines 3 tools into one, saving you nearly $50! Works well on sensitive grill surfaces like ceramic, Kamodo-style, etc. Nearly 1″ thick, will long outlast bristle brushes!
  • EASY TO USE – The Safer Scraper will actually form grooves as you scrape your grill clean (see pictures for an example). There is no wrong way to use it! The bamboo will form grooves unique to your grill pattern, your pressure and angle of scraping, etc. It continues to improve over time as the grooves become deeper!
  • SUSTAINABLE – Made from sustainable bamboo, no trees were harmed! Bamboo is a fast-growing, weather-resistant and antimicrobial plant (fastest growing plant on earth!). The Safer Scraper is the most sustainable grill cleaning tool you can find! Even the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.
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