Unicook Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer Shish Kabob Set, 6pcs Skewer Sticks and Grill Rack Set for Meat & Vegetables, Bonus of 50pcs 12.5 inch Bamboo Skewers, No mess for Your Grill


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Best BBQ Shish Kabob Set! Bonus of 50 pcs Bamboo Skewers!
Unicook shish kabob set is especially useful when grill delicate meat kabobs that are easy to stick on grill grate. No more mess for you grill!

Features and Benefits of Unicook Shish Kabob Set
Unicook shish kabob set is built from food-grade stainless steel to ensure strength and durability, unlike the black painting version, no need to worry about the coating coming off the skewers and get into your food, easy to clean.
It can be reused to saves money, environment friendly and long lasting.
50pcs of 100 % natural bamboo skewers as a bonus! Perfect for parties and grilling!

Unicook Shish Kabob Set Includes:
-Foldable Kabob Rack allows to rotate the skewers so food cooks evenly on all sides. It can be folded in half to save space.
-6 pcs stainless steel skewers is perfect for meat kabobs. The pointed tip of skewers makes sliding on meat, fruits and vegetables easily.
-50 pcs 12.5″L Bamboo Skewers are made of eco-friendly 100% natural bamboo, no chemicals and coating. The perfect size of 12.5″L skewers can be used individually, or constructed with the kabob rack as set like the stainless steel skewers. It is multi-purpose,perfect for grilling,serving cold appetizers,fondue & more.

Care and Use
-Oil the stainless steel skewers surface before piercing the meat kabobs to make it more non-stick.
-Make sure to soak the bamboo skewers in water before grilling.
-The skewers have sharp edge. It is not appropriate for children without adult supervision.
-Rack and skewers will get hot – use caution when handling.
-Dishwasher safe. Dry thoroughly after each use.


  • Include 6pcs 13″L S/S skewers and rack, great for all kinds of meat and vegetables
  • Premium durable food grade stainless steel construction, keeps off heat for better grill taste and cleaner
  • S/S frame rack with special stiffening rib, more sturdier, easy folds in half for storage
  • Bonus of 50 pcs 12.5″L natural bamboo skewers, perfect for party and family
  • Frame size: 13.75 x 10 inch. Easy to use and clean

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