• Persimmon pudding

    With its warm fall flavors, a hint of cinnamon, and creamy texture persimmon pudding is a delicious dessert everyone should try.

  • Apple gallete

    Apple Galette is a free-form apple pie with a flaky pie crust that gently encircles tart apples, brown sugar, and walnuts.  This galette is less sweet and more of an everyday dessert, versus something for a fancy dinner party.

  • Mushroom, Onion, and Sage Stuffing

    This mushroom, onion, and sage stuffing recipe is a great companion for roasted or grilled chicken, turkey, and pork dishes.

  • Pie crust dough coming together

    All it takes to make a delicious pie crust is knowing what to look for during mixing. This pie crust recipe is easy to make and works great for pies, quiches, and galettes. 

  • Mountain Berry Crisp

    Mountain Berry Crisp brings strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries together to create a scrumptious dessert that shows off fresh summer berries. 

  • Potato Frittata

    Frittata is a versatile dish that is perfect for any meal. This delicious frittata recipe combines the creaminess of mascarpone with cheddar cheese finished under the broiler for a nicely toasted top layer.

  • Strawberry Pie

    If you want to revel in the indulgence of high summer, this strawberry pie recipe will turn fresh strawberries into one of the best pies you’ve ever eaten.

  • Rhubarb Cake

    This rhubarb cake recipe is one of our favorite desserts for how it combines tart rhubarb and a touch of brown sugar to create a light airy cake with a delicious rhubarb filling.

  • Michelle Gayer of the Salty Tart

    In this At the Table we we talk with the Salty Tart’s owner and award winning pastry chef Michelle Gayer.

  • Cast iron makes great pizza

    So often when someone talks about homemade pizza it conjures up images of soggy crust, bland toppings, and why there are so many frozen pizzas in the grocery store. But it doesn’t have to be that way, all you need to make great homemade pizza is the right combination of dough, tools, and technique.

  • Pizza Dough

    Making good pizza dough from scratch doesn't have to be hard.  This pizza dough recipe uses semolina flour, olive oil, and a little butter to create a pliable pizza dough that is easy to work with, tastes delicious, and has a rustic texture.

  • Fresh Baked Bread

    The great bread experiment is our search to find out what’s in our bread and what we can do to make great tasting, healthy bread a part of our everyday lives.

  • Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes

    Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes are an easy dessert that is a great way to finish off a romantic dinner at home or make a crowd of chocolate lovers very happy.

  • Cranberry Apple Crisp

    Tart cranberries, crisp apples, and a hint of orange come together to make a delicious Cranberry Apple Crisp. 

  • Chocolate Beet Cake

    I make chocolate beet cake for every “bring a dish to share event.” But I don’t bring it because it’s a crowd pleaser, I bring it because it’s not. This cake causes adult humans to lose all sense of public decency. 

    Some people will like this cake and some people will HATE it, and then there’s a middle group that will just assume it’s chocolate cake.

  • Chocolate Beet Cake

    Making a chocolate beet cake will either surprise or disgust your friends!

  • Persian Love Cake

    A story of a prince, a girl, and love nudged along by the magic of a delicate rosewater cake laced with saffron accompanies some recipes for Persian Love Cake.  Its an origin story shrouded in mystery that inspires images of two lovers hunched over a tiny table.

  • I love the crisp top of the bread toasted in the oven

    This stuffing recipe combines sweet and savory with just the right balance to pair well with the other Thanksgiving dishes. 

    Baked stuffing is my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. While technically it’s no longer “stuffing”, I love the crisp top of the bread toasted in the oven with the creamy, bread pudding like interior. However, if you’re an actual stuffing person, this recipe could be baked inside the turkey rather than in a separate dish.


Geese flying in formation
Daniel Swenson-Klatt | October 14, 2016

The V formation itself is a thing of beauty.  I understand that on long journeys one person cannot be expected to carry the full weight and responsibility.  When it is shared, the burden is lighter, the investment is deeper, and there is a benefit to having a range of experience to draw upon. 


Highlights from Umami's 2016
Mark Hinds | January 5, 2017

Here’s a quick rundown of the most delicious food we ate and interesting places we went during this past year.  



Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie
Mark Hinds | January 14, 2017

Strawberry raspberry smoothies are a great way to start the morning.  This healthy breakfast recipe uses strawberries, raspberries, and greek yogurt to create a thick, delicious smoothie packed with great stuff to get you going.