• Killer White Rice

    This white rice recipe adds a couple of twists to create a killer white rice that has great flavor and texture and helps avoid people's biggest complaint that white rice is boring and bland.

  • Homemade turkey stock

    One of the best ways to use a leftover turkey is to make homemade turkey stock.  Making your own stock lets you get everything you can from the turkey and helps improve the flavor of soups and stews.

  • Pie crust dough coming together

    All it takes to make a delicious pie crust is knowing what to look for during mixing. This pie crust recipe is easy to make and works great for pies, quiches, and galettes. 

  • Everyday tomato sauce

    This versatile tomato sauce recipe takes around 30 minutes to make and is a great starting place for pizza and pasta dishes.

  • There's a reason why burgers are an American classic

    A few things make a big difference between a tasty simple burger and a pile of charred meat. For better burgers make sure to season your burger, have the right thickness for your patty, know how to grill, and butter your bun.


  • The garlic thought practicing their pyramid routine would help them get ready for the test

    Roasted garlic is one of the simplest ways to make a dish you already know more interesting.  There is something magical that happens when you roast garlic that concentrates garlic’s flavors, while adding a slight bit of sweetness, and reducing raw garlic’s pungent bite.

  • The cloves in roasted garlic have a beautiful gold color

    Roasting garlic is simple to do, is a great way to make dishes you already know better, and is an easy way to elevate your cooking.

  • Roasted bison hanger steak with savory bread pudding

    Over the last twenty-five years there has been a lot more interest in bison or buffalo meat, unfortunately for most people their experience doesn’t go much beyond bison burgers.  Come along with us as we try out a variety of cuts and learn more about this most American of animals.

  • Timing is everything

    There are certain dishes when you’re learning to cook that are important because they teach you something fundamental.  It might be a new technique, a completely unique way to use an ingredient, or something as simple timing.

  • Raspberry Hot Tub

    Canning can be scary, see how I learned a lot about canning and got over my irrational fear of poisoning my future self.

  • Shrimp cocktail with Hawaiian sea salt

    I’m a huge fan of really good shrimp cocktail, although I will freely admit to eating lots of mediocre shrimp cocktail at parties and events, mostly because its there.  What I wanted to find was a simple way to make sure the shrimp stayed tender.