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Mexican Chicken

Mexican Chicken is the perfect embodiment of comfort food. Our Mexican Chicken Recipe is easy to make for big groups and is something almost everyone loves because it has loads of cheese and a nice crunch.


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    Buttermilk Biscuits

    This is the winning biscuit recipe from a series of experiments I conducted to create a recipe that replicated my favorite biscuits from a trip to Atlanta. The recipe ingredients are simple, but together they make biscuit magic.

    Better Than Sex Cake

    Better than Sex Cake is a sinful dessert with questionable intentions that gets to know you with a little devil's food cake, pours on the caramel, and finishes everything off with a little whip cream.

    Baked Olives

    Elevate a simple dish of olives by baking them for a few minutes before serving them to your guests. Baking the olives gives them a buttery texture and mellow flavor.

    Classic American Tacos

    This taco recipe is one of my favorite comfort foods. We regularly make up a batch of taco meat and keep it in the fridge for quick lunches and dinners.


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    The Mysterious History of the Margarita

    When you think of tequila cocktails, one thing comes to mind - the margarita. Despite how well-known the margarita is, its history is a mysterious thing. Who invented it? Why? And most importantly, how do you make a margarita that tastes great?