Leigh Kunkel

Grapefruit Jasmine Aperiti

Here are seven great cocktails full of interesting flavors to quench your thirst this summer!

Grapefruit Jasmine Aperitif

A Grapefruit Jasmine Aperitif is a light, refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for a summertime aperitif.


The view over the Seine at sunset

Paris is a city you can visit again and again and still be surprised, so whether it’s your first time or your tenth, here are a few suggestions to get you excited for your trip to the city of lights.


When you think of tequila cocktails, one thing comes to mind - the margarita. Despite how well-known the margarita is, its history is a mysterious thing. Who invented it? Why? And most importantly, how do you make a margarita that tastes great?

Strawberry Habanero Margarita

The strawberry habanero margarita is a sweet-spicy take on a traditional margarita made with strawberries, habaneros, and agave nectar.

Blood Orange Aperol Collins

The Blood Orange Aperol Collins is a light, refreshing take on a classic Tom Collins cocktail that uses Solerno blood orange liqueur and Aperol to create a unique combination of flavors.  This is a great summer cocktail.

Fernet-Branca Hot Fudge

The intense bitterness of the Fernet-Branca is mellowed by chocolate and cream, but still provides enough bite to make a truly unusual and delicious hot fudge that is great over vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, or just straight out of the jar.

Glass of Fernet Branca Neat

Amari (the plural of amaro) are an herbal liquor with a rich tradition in Italian culture.  Amari are popular across Italy with a unique set of flavors that range from “mild and pleasant” to “proceed with caution” and are great on their own or as a part of cocktail.

A sparkling sweet rosé can actually pair very nicely with chocolate desserts

Valentine’s Day seems like it should be an easy one for pairing food and wine — there are so many things marketed for this one specific day. The problem is, most of those things are terrible.  To help out we’ve compiled a guide to help you pick out wine pairings that will enhance your Valentine’s Day dinner, not overwhelm it.

Celery-Thyme Tequila Sparkler

Think that tequila and sparkling wine is a strange combination? Think again. This bubbly cocktail combines tequila, celery, herbs, and sparkling wine for a drink that’s perfect for bringing a little something extra to special occasions and the holidays.