Mark Hinds

Blue Cheese Dip

What makes this tasty blue cheese dip recipe so good is the zip it gets from the Chipotle Tabasco sauce and chili powder that really compliments the creaminess of the blue cheese crumbles and greek yogurt.

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Crispy hash browns and cheesy goodness come together to create this scrumptious cheesy hash brown casserole recipe.

Brisket finishing on grill

Sous Vide is a great way to cook beef brisket because it creates a smoky, tender medium-rare brisket full of rich interesting flavors that falls apart in your mouth.

Big Bad Brisket Sandwich

The Big Bad Brisket Sandwich is all about tender brisket, tangy BBQ sauce, and pepper jack cheese getting together to have a good time on some Texas Toast.

Taste Along with Cube Libre and Rum and Coke

The Cuba Libre is a bright, delicious island drink with a great origin story, that more than likely was completely made up, but still hasn’t been enough to get the Cuba Libre out from under the shadows of its simple minded cousin the Rum and Coke.

Rum and Coke

Rum and Cokes are one of the world's great mixed drinks.  If you like yours with spiced rum try keeping the rum in the freezer, it helps to crystallize the sugar and produces a much more interesting drink than room temperature rum.


Cuba Libre

The Cuba Libre gets its bright tropical flavors from fresh squeezed lime juice that is nicely complimented by the Coca-Cola and some good rum.

Lamb Stew with Great Northern Beans

Lamb stew with fresh herbs and white beans is a dish full of delicious flavors that has the right combination of fresh and hearty to work anytime of year.

What makes this lamb stew recipe so delicious is the interesting flavors from the coriander and how the seasoned flour helps the lamb stay tender, while creating a thick, rich stew.

Garlicky Refrigerator Pickles

This refrigerator pickle recipe only takes a few minutes to make and is a tasty way to eat more veggies. We like to eat these refrigerator pickles as a side dish, appetizer, or accoutrements to sandwiches, burgers, and BBQ.

Dashi and dried shiitake mushrooms

The history of umami, where it comes from, what it tastes like, and how it was discovered is a fascinating journey wrapped up in culture and chemistry.