Mark Hinds

Turkey Tacos

Turkey tacos are one of our favorite week night meals.  They're simple to make, healthy, and make great leftovers. 

Classic Smoked Salmon Dip

With its rich flavors and creamy texture this smoked salmon dip hits all the right notes in this classic appetizer. 

Vodka Sour

A good vodka sour is a simple drink that is easy to make, but hard to get right.  This vodka sour recipe uses Fresh Homemade Sour Mix and a little egg white for a smooth frothy drink with a robust sour flavor.

Fresh Homemade Sour Mix

All you need to make a great homemade sour mix is some lemons, sugar, water and the ability to stir.  

Umami Year In Review

As we finish up 2015 we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the most popular stories and recipes on Umami during the past year.

Xmas pants

You want to get the cook in your life a present for the holidays, but you’re not sure what to get them.  It’s a quandary. Here at Umami we like to solve these important problems for you, it’s kind of our thing.

So when you’re buying a gift for your favorite cook all you need to do is think about them in the kitchen, add clothes, and check our handy guide.

Smoked Buffalo Chuck Roast

With a nice smoke ring and a soft juicy texture this buffalo chuck roast is delicious on its own or as the starting point for a week of amazing smoked buffalo sandwiches.

Easy, Everyday Chili

Easy, everyday chili is a simple chili recipe designed to be something you can throw together with a few simple items from around the house.  

Folks on a Chicago Food Planet Food Tour

When you travel to Chicago these days there’s a good chance that taking a food tour is somewhere on your list of possible adventures.  Either you know someone who’s taken a food tour, you’ve seen the ads online, or you’ve seen them recommended on a trip planning website or two.

It was a very different story ten years ago when Shane Kost started Chicago Food Planet Food Tours.  At that time there weren’t any food tours in Chicago and the idea of spending an afternoon tasting your way through a neighborhood was pretty foreign to most people.  

Wild Rice with Sauteed Peppers

With an earthy Northwoods flavor, wild rice is a unique and under appreciated ingredient that is fantastic when its cooked right.

What makes this wild rice recipe work is the combination of cooking the wild rice in a mixture of chicken stock and water and using the bacon to flavor the vegetables, which introduces all sorts of interesting and complimentary flavors.



Geese flying in formation
Daniel Swenson-Klatt | October 14, 2016

The V formation itself is a thing of beauty.  I understand that on long journeys one person cannot be expected to carry the full weight and responsibility.  When it is shared, the burden is lighter, the investment is deeper, and there is a benefit to having a range of experience to draw upon. 


Highlights from Umami's 2016
Mark Hinds | January 5, 2017

Here’s a quick rundown of the most delicious food we ate and interesting places we went during this past year.  



Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie
Mark Hinds | January 14, 2017

Strawberry raspberry smoothies are a great way to start the morning.  This healthy breakfast recipe uses strawberries, raspberries, and greek yogurt to create a thick, delicious smoothie packed with great stuff to get you going.