Strawberry Habanero Margarita

  • Strawberry Habanero Margarita
    The agave highlights the fresh clean flavors of the tequila
  • Strawberry Habanero Margarita
    This margarita is a sweet-spicy take on a traditional margarita


The strawberry habanero margarita is a sweet-spicy take on a traditional margarita made with strawberries, habaneros, and agave nectar.

This margarita recipe utilizes agave rather than simple syrup in order to highlight the fresh, clean flavors of the tequila. The muddled strawberries add some additional sweetness, and habañeros, which have a naturally fruity flavor in addition to their heat, complement the berries perfectly. Be cautious when adding the peppers to your drink—a little goes a long way!



1.5 oz silver tequila
.75 oz lime juice
.75 oz agave nectar
2 strawberries
1-3 slices habanero
Salt for rim (optional)



Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: n/a
Servings: 1 Cocktail

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Pour the salt onto a flat surface, like a cutting board or plate. Run the cut side of a strawberry around the rim of a rocks glass and gently press it into the salt on all sides.

Muddle the strawberries and habanero in a shaker. Add tequila, lime juice, agave, and ice. Shake and strain into your rimmed glass. Can be served up or on the rocks.


I like to leave some of the strawberry pulp in my drink for a stronger flavor and more texture. Just be careful of the habanero pieces!

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  • Strawberry Habanero Margarita

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