The best stuffings are about contrasts - crisp bits browned on the outside with a creamy interior.  The bright citrus flavors in the sage with the earthiness from the mushrooms. 

Delicious stuffing starts with the choice of bread.  We recommend fresh baked French, country white, or sourdough.

Great Bread

The classic stuffing flavors in this recipe, include - sage, and thyme paired with mushrooms, onions, and celery.

Seasoning the Stuffing

For more than 20 different ideas on what to include in the stuffing of your dreams, read the full post.

Stuffing Ingredients

To develop the flavors in the dish, the aromatics and fresh herbs are sautéd in butter before being combined with the bread.

Developing Flavor

Soaking the bread in the milk, egg, and broth mixture helps the bread absorb flavors and creates a creamy, almost custardy texture.

Creamy Texture

This stuffing can be cooked in the oven or stuffed into a bird.  The USDA recommends the internal temperature of the stuffing reach 165℉ (74℃) to avoid food safety issues.

Cooking the Stuffing