Sertodo Thessaly Hammered Copper Platter

These handmade copper platters are a perfect show-stopper for your next party.

These large platters can be used as trays to pass out your favorite appetizers or as a centerpiece to show off those fantastic dishes you spent all day cooking.

The hammered copper has an intimate glow and a dazzling shine to help you create unique presentations.   The platters coming in 16, 21, and 27-inch designs and a multitude of shapes.


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The platters by Sertodo Thessaly are made of 100 percent recycled copper, to help keep our environment clean.

They’re unique style and superior quality gives you a beautiful dish that will last for generations.

Sertodo Copper is an international cooperative of master copper artisans headed by Jonathan Beall with workshops in Austin, Texas USA, and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan Mexico.


Sertodo Copper




16" x 11"