All About Umami

Umami is an online food and travel magazine for the curious cook that helps people explore the world and expand their taste through stories and recipes.

At Umami, we tell the stories about food that matter. We strive to dig deeper to help people understand why something works, to learn techniques they can use, to explore where food comes from, and what it means to people’s lives.  We deeply believe life should be a beautiful adventure and that learning about food and cooking should be a fun experience that brings people together.

At Umami you’ll have the chance to read stories about: places we love, great recipes you can use at home, conversations with people who work with food, the cultural significance of dishes, learn about food science, and develop a better understanding of the politics and business of food.  Our goal is to be the essential publication for people interested in food.

The reason for this broad approach is because food is central to our lives, it is what we have in common, it is what makes us unique, it is how we come together, and how we live.  Food is everywhere and the story of what we eat and whom we eat with is a story worth telling because it is our story.

If you’re interested in learning more about umami as a flavor, what it is, and how to incorporate more of it into your cooking, read Everything You Need to Know About Umami.

Why We Love Our Contributors

To tell these stories Umami is developing a team of talented contributors who bring a diverse set of experiences, skills, and points of view to the table.  The reason we choose to take the team approach is we want to create an environment where our contributors are able to use their creativity and passion to tell the stories about food that matter to people’s lives.  Having a small cadre of contributors allows us to invest time and resources into each contributor, helping them to develop their voice and a connection with our readers.

Send us your story ideas

Hey, we want your ideas!  We want the content here to be interesting, which means listening to our readers.  Do you have a question about how to cook something, where an ingredient came from, or whether something is any good?  Drop us a line at  Here are some ideas of the type of story ideas we’re looking for:

  • Why do I have to start every dish by sautéing onions?
  • What the hell does organic on a label really mean?
  • How old should my everyday scotch be?
  • What does “season to taste” mean?
  • How do I make a really great Old Fashioned?