Stovetop Smoker

Stovetop smokers are one of the best ways to get that deeply delicious smokey flavor into food cooked at home. Easy to use indoors or outdoors, these smokers simplify the smoking process by giving you the tools to smoke a wide range of your favorite foods in your kitchen.

A few of our favorite dishes that show off the versatility of this indoor smoker include Hot Smoked Salmon and a Smokehouse Chili recipe that adds layers of delicious smoked-induced flavor to one of our favorite comfort foods. Price: $31.94 (as of 08:38 EST- More info)

The Best Way to Smoke Foods Indoors

The ExcelSteel stovetop smoker is professionally constructed from stainless steel and is perfect for getting that smoky flavor in your cooking without a hassle.

The kitchen smoker uses finely ground wood chips that can be purchased as individual pints or in four-packs of Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Alder. Using natural wood to generate the smoke provides the cook with flexibility no matter what type of food is being smoked. 

Using the heat from the stove means it only takes minutes to smoke your favorite ingredients.

The stainless steel smoking box is multi-purpose and can be used as a roasting pan. The pan can be heated over a gas or electric stovetop, in the oven, on the grill, or even on top of a campfire.

The pan includes foldable handles to improve grip and simplify storage to make everything easy.

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How Indoor Smokers Work

Indoor smokers are modified roasting pans that use small wood chips to generate smoke using the heat from a stove, oven, grill, or campfire.

The ExcelSteel smoker includes fold-up handles to make storage easy, a drip tray to catch drippings and prevent unwanted smoke, and a rack to place the food on. It also includes a slide on top to seal the smoke in, preventing it from filling up your house.

The smoker uses heat from the stove and small wood chips to generate smoke that flavors whatever is being cooked. This is done by placing the smoker on a burner.

This type of cooking is called hot smoking because the heat cooks the item at the same time it generates smoke. This type of smoking can be done using a variety of heat sources and a wide range of temperatures.

The smoker can be used to smoke larger items, such as hams, chickens, and larger roasts, by tenting the outside of an item in aluminum foil. A tip when smoking smaller items is to wrap aluminum foil around the outside edges to help keep the smoke in the base of the smoker.

The advantage of buying an indoor smoker over making your own is the ExcellSmoker is designed to stand up to the wear and tear of smoking and comes with a tray, rack, and lid that simplify the smoking process.

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Product Description

  • This indoor-outdoor stovetop smoker is professionally constructed from stainless steel and has dimensions that measure 14.5″L x 10.5″W x 4H”.
  • It’s dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup.
  • Use your favorite wood chips to flavor your food in minutes. The lid is designed to keep everything in and enhance the flavor profile of your dinner.
  • The handles on the end are foldable for easy storage and handling. 
  • The smoker can be used on stovetops, ovens, campfires, or grills. Made with stainless steel to withstand repeated use and high temperatures.