Learn to Cook Like a Jedi and Drink Like a Wookiee with the Best Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets of All Time

Learn to Cook Like a Jedi and Drink Like a Wookiee with the Best Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets of All Time

A long time ago in a licensing office far far away a young marketing executive decided to say yes to whatever came across his desk. Thanks to his hard work or lack thereof, we can now eat Millennium Falcon shaped waffles, while drinking coffee made by R2, and think about how much we’re going to enjoy pulling that last cookie out of Darth Vader’s head.

Over the years there’s been a Star Wars tie-in for just about everything under the sun, some of it great, some of it only a nerf herder could love. We tried our best to stay on target with our collection of the best Star Wars kitchen gadgets of all time.

Breakfast on Tatooine

Maybe it’s because Tatooine had two suns or that George Lucas was at his best early on, but there’s a lot of great Star Wars stuff for breakfast.

Star Wars R2 D2 Coffee Press

Our favorite is the R2D2 Coffee Press, because who doesn’t want their favorite droid, and let’s be honest the real hero of the whole saga, to make their morning coffee.

Falcon Waffle

Not sure whether or not these waffles can be made in 12 parsecs, but if Millennium Falcon shaped waffles aren’t you’re thing, you can get waffle makers shaped like BB-8 or a Storm Troopers noggin.

Star Wars Toaster

If you like your toast and coffee a little bit on the dark side, there’s a wide array of Darth Vader coffee mugs and this Darth Vader toaster.

Maybe if Anakin Had Spent More Time in the Kitchen

Maybe if Anakin had spent more time in the kitchen, he wouldn’t have turned out so bad. So whether you’re a Jedi master or a Padawan around the stove here are a few kitchen gadgets to help you cook better.

Joqj Star Wars Lightsaber Immersion Blender

Mix it up with this lightsaber immersion blender; supposedly it’s not as clumsy or random as a regular blender.

R2d2 Measuring Cup Set

It’s important to be precise and a bit daring when you’re baking, which is why we like these R2D2 measuring cups.

Star Wars Salt And Pepper

If your food is as exciting as Episode One, spice it up with some lightsaber shaped salt and pepper shakers.

Chopstick Lightsabers

Settle your sibling rivalries the old fashioned way with lightsaber shaped chopsticks. They even come in purple for Mace Windu fans.

Lightsaber Tongs

If you like to grill like Uncle Owen, it’s probably a good idea to get a pair of these BBQ tongs and a Darth Vader Oven Mitt before you get singed.

Vader Cookie

Ever wonder what Vader was doing in that weird chamber thing without his helmet on, now you know, he was making room for all the cookies. Darth Vader Cookie Head

Drink Like a Wookiee

If you like to think of Star Wars as one big drinking game, which makes it kind of like life, there’s a whole galaxy of options.

Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker Hot Air Style With Removable Bowl

Just start up your Death Star Popcorn Maker, throw in one of the movies, and you’re good to go.

Chewy Tiki

Everyone knows if you want to have a good time you’ve got to drink like a Wookiee, which is why we love this set of tiki glasses.  If for some reason you feel the need to drink out of Wicket or C3PO get this set.

Han Solo Fridge

If you’re looking for that special something for the office, you can’t do much better than the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite mini-fridge.  This fridge, which can be used to heat or cool things, holds 18 cans of “soda” and lights up at night to make sure the Sand People know you mean business.

Stormtrooper Decanter

The best way to show your love for Rex and the Fives is to keep the old stuff in this Stormtrooper decanter and drink from these etched stormtrooper shot glasses.

Yoda Whiskey

Drink, you will from one of these etched glasses that come in Yoda, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Darth Vader.

Trooper Stein

If you’re more of a beer drinker or just trying to get through the winter on Hoth, grab a couple of these beer steins, that come in Stormtrooper, R2D2, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader.

Bobba Fett Nut

There’s no need to worry about your nuts disintegrating, this time, with a Boba Fett nutcracker.

Falcon Bottle

You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck with an unopened bottle again with this Millennium Falcon bottle opener.

Just in case you’re wondering, we looked and couldn’t find any Jar Jar related kitchen stuff to make fun of. We really tried, but the only thing we could find was an ugly coffee mug that went out of production in 1999 and an apron that was really more of an insult to Will Wheaton than Jar Jar.

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