Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer

This instant read digital cooking thermometer by Thermopro makes cooking a breeze. Instant read thermometers make it easy to cook, grill, or smoke food to the perfect temperature.

Having two probes, lets cooks use the thermometer to quickly check chicken, steaks, and chops to ensure they are cooked through but not left on so long that they dry out. Try it out the next time you want a perfectly grilled Ribeye Steak or Pork Tenderloin.

The second probe attaches via a cable and allows cooks to set an alarm to let them know when roasts and other large cuts have finished cooking. Whether you’re smoking a whole turkey or a beef roast, this thermometer lets you set the right temperature and go about your day. Price:  $20.99 (as of 29/11/2022 13:53 PST- Details)

Thermometer Features

Dual Temperature Display and Alarm: The digital meat thermometer’s unique dual temperature display allows you to monitor two foods at once. The wired probe lets cooks use preset temperatures and alert them to know when food is at the perfect temperature. 

Instant Readings & Highly Accurate: Instant read thermometer probes quickly provide readings in 3-4 seconds that are accurate within ±0.9°F. The oven thermometer features a handy lock function for safely viewing readings away from the hot cooking surface.

IPX5 Waterproof & Auto-Rotating Backlit Display: The large, rotating, backlit display makes this kitchen thermometer perfect for use with your oven, on the stove, with a grill, or in a smoker. The waterproof design makes it safe to wash the cooking thermometer under running water.

Easy On/Off Switch & Rechargeable Battery: Turn this BBQ thermometer on/off by simply unfolding/folding its temperature probe, making it feel like an extension of your own hand. The backlit display lets you know when to charge the battery using the included USB-C cable.

Bottle Opener & Convenient Storage: Open your favorite beer while you grill with the built-in bottle opener. The built-in magnet lets you store this digital thermometer on your refrigerator or grill. The thermometer can also be hung on a hook while it’s being used or stored.