Spartan Knife Block

It’s time to defend your kitchen with a Spartan knife block.

Made to resemble a Spartan warrior this unique knife block is an instant conversation starter and defender of good cooking. Price: $209.95 (as of 27/03/2023 08:39 PST- Details)

This universal knife block comes in birch, maple, and walnut or in a special steak knife version.  All three versions are made in America by the skilled craftsman at Missing Digit Workshop.

The birch version doesn’t include knives, so you can stick whatever you want into it.  The maple and walnut version comes with a set of knives as does the steak knife version, which comes with, you guessed it, steak knives.

All three knife blocks have a food-safe finish, which is a good idea for anything you’re going to use to store your knives in or have in the kitchen.

The version shown is made with premium laminated birch and refined until silky smooth.


Missing Digit Woodshop

Material Type

Block Only