Silicone Basting Brushes

Silicone basting brushes make grilling and baking a snap. The silicone lets you easily paint on the stickiest barbecue sauces, butter, and oil with ease and still have clean-up be a snap.

This silicone basting brush set offers the perfect mix of appearance, durability, and function with bristles designed to hold the maximum amount of sauce. What makes these brushes from RWM stand out is the removable silicone brush heads that make cleaning a breeze.

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This silicone basting brush set comes with two basting brushes and two sets of brush heads for each handle, making it easy to use them for grilling, roasting, baking, and more.

Brush Features

Apply More Flavor: These bbq basting brushes can be used with oil, butter, and sauces directly on the grill to get the flavor where it needs to go.

Comfortable and Durable: The brush handles are made of stainless steel, providing an easy, ergonomic handle, that makes them easy to use for a long time when you’re grilling lots of food.

Brush With Bristle Free:
The silicone brush head is one single part with bristles, which will never fall off. With its bristles, the silicone baster brush holds oils, sauces, marinades, cooking juices, and more

Unique Interior Design:
The handles have a unique interior design that makes them sturdy and more rust-resistant. The design includes removable silicone brush heads for convenient dishwasher cleaning and a convenient hanging hook for easy storage when not in use.

Perfect for All Your Basting Needs: Use these brushes for all your basting needs, whether you’re Smoking a Turkey, Saucing Ribs, Glazing a Bundt Cake, or Barbecuing Chicken, these brushes can do it all.