Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Venero whiskey glasses are made with a clear, lustrous glass. These modern whiskey tumblers sparkle beautifully in the light with an elegant twisted design that is perfect whether you’re drinking single-malt neat or putting a new twist on your favorite cocktail.

A few whiskey and scotch recipes that would look stunning in these glasses include a Boulevardier, Classic Old Fashioned, and Rusty Nail.

You can check out Umami’s cocktail section for even more inspiring drink recipes to use with your new glasses. Price: $39.97 (as of 07:39 EST- More info)

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Product Information

The durable thick-walled design and heavy base help keep your drink at the perfect temperature, whether you prefer it ice cold or room temperature, the solid design of these whiskey glasses is virtually unbreakable, plus they’re dishwasher safe and guaranteed for life so you’ll never need to worry about them breaking.

Made with high-quality crystal, this set of 4 glasses comes with a luxurious gift box making them perfect as a gift for someone you like or as something special for yourself.




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