Doesn’t Umami Look Good on Yummly

Umami Looking Good on Yummly

One of the hardest things to do when you’re starting a website around food is to build traffic.  If you don’t believe me Google whiskey sour or cheeseburger and look at the millions of search results that pop up.

What most people don’t realize is that behind almost every one of those links is somebody’s hard work.  Deep behind those recipes, there’s a person slaving away in a hot kitchen, mixing things up, trying a dash of this, or a sprinkle of that to find just the right combination of ingredients.

We’re always cooking things we find on the web, so we understand how hard it can be to find a good recipe.  You get home, you’re tired, you want something quick, you tap a few words into a screen, and grab the first thing off the list.  Hopefully, it’s the recipe you’re looking for and not something you have to hide from the boss.

This is why one of our favorite places, after Umami, of course, to look for recipes is Yummly.

The reason we like Yummly is the folks there respect the time and energy it takes to develop delicious recipes.  When you look up a recipe from Umami on Yummly, it shows you a stunning picture of the dish, how long it takes to make, and the ingredients.

What they don’t show you, and this is a big deal to us, is the directions.  To get those you have to click on this nice little button that opens the recipe up on the website it came from.

The reason that’s such a big deal to those of us who spend hours trying different combinations of ingredients, making a dish over and over until we get everything just right, is all those visits matter – those visits, the ads you see and hopefully click on, the signing up for our newsletter at the end of this story, the spending time with us is how we make our living.

We also like that Yummly is willing to feature us if we say good things about them, see Yummly we’re saying good things about you, they’re even true, so give us some love!  We’ll appreciate it – really we will, we’re like that!

Seriously, we do really like the way their website and apps are laid out and how easy it is to find and save recipes.  So take a moment and check out Umami’s page on Yummly and Yum away!

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