A “Toast” to Great Wine and Great Food

A “Toast” to Great Wine and Great Food

As a new resident to the North Loop community in Minneapolis, my natural inclination as a foodie is to search for a place with great wine and great food.  After walking around the neighborhood, I found Toast, a quaint little Wine Bar and Café located under the Heritage Landing Building.

As I entered Toast, I was greeted by Andrew, one of the friendly servers who happens to be a wine connoisseur.   Andrew escorted me to the bar, and as I sat down, I took a minute to enjoy the ambiance before looking at the menu.  The décor was tasteful and simple with low hanging lights and tea candles at each table.  The mood was romantic yet vibrant; it is a place where you can go on an intimate date or just to enjoy a glass of wine with friends.

As my stomach started to rumble and my palate grew thirsty, I knew it was time to order some wine and food. The menu at Toast features some delectable items that pair extremely well with wine. For example, how does roasted mushrooms with truffle oil on a crostini sound with a hearty glass of Cabernet Sauvignon?  Delicious I hope! As for myself, the choice wasn’t easy because I literally could have eaten anything on the menu.  I was stuck between the roasted butternut squash, serrano ham and blue cheese thin crust pizza or the burrata with spinach and roasted red beets.

I could not decide, therefore, I left it to the experts.  I asked Andrew his opinion of the latter with a glass of the 2013 Carchelo (a wine from Spain that is a blend of Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell). Andrew’s mouth began to water so I realized this must be the right choice! When my food arrived, I was eager to take the first bite of the burrata.  Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese that resembles mozzarella, but it is softer and creamier on the inside.  In Italian, the term “burrata” actually means buttered, and after eating this wonderful cheese, I attest that there is truth to this statement.

My first bites were incredible. The combination of the soft, creamy cheese offset the bitterness of the spinach and complemented the crunchy texture of the roasted beets.  Pair this with a toasted crostini and a wonderful glass of Carchelo, and you should have nothing but a smile on your face. Altogether, my experience at Toast was remarkable.  The staff is warm and friendly, and the customers keep coming back.  Toast also has a private room for small parties.  This makes it a great place for family gatherings or social events. Visit this local hotspot for an experience that will warm your heart and palate. Cheers!

Toast Wine Bar and Café is operated by owners Erin Tomczyk and Scott Davis; it is located at 415 North 1st Street Minneapolis, MN. You can find them online at www.toastwinebarandcafe.com.

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