Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

Weber’s chimney starter makes starting your charcoal grill a snap. Using a chimney starter is an easy way to get a charcoal grill ready in minutes. It’s also a great way to use less charcoal.

A few recipes that are delicious grilled over charcoal include Buffalo Burgers, Ribeye Steaks, and Grilled Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs.

For more ideas on how to use your new chimney check out Umami’s Grilling section. Price: $20.99 (as of 15/09/2021 01:25 PST- Details)

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Product Information

To use Weber’s chimney starter load up our extra-large canister full of coals, light up a fire starter or crinkled up newspaper, and set the canister over the flame. In a matter of minutes, the coals will be red hot. 


  • Chimney starter system lights charcoal quickly and evenly
  • Made from aluminized steel with a stay-cool thermoplastic handle
  • Holds enough briquettes for a 22-1/2-inch kettle grill
  • Cone bottom ensures a fast start; eliminates the need for lighter fluid
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 12 inches



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