Sous Vide Container with Lid

This sous vide container with lid is a must have for the person who loves cooking sous vide.

The flexible silicone lid makes it easy to add and remove whatever you’re cooking and helps to reduce evaporation. This lid fits snugly around the container’s corners, so there’s no need for clamps.

The container and lid are compatible with all Anova models, Joule, Wancle, Instant Pot, and Chefman models. Having a flexible lid also makes it easy to add or remove water making this one of the best sous vide cooking containers on the market.

Try it with a few of our favorite sous vide recipes including:

To learn more about this innovative cooking method read What is Sous Vide Cooking & Why it Works. Price: $36.99 (as of 01:53 EST- More info)

This sous vide container bundle includes:

  • A 12-quart sous vide container with a silicone lid.
  • The lid includes a cutout at the corner for your sous vide cooker.
  • The lid is compatible with Anova 800W 900W 1000W, Anova Nano, Anova AN500-US00, Joule, Wanacle, and Instant Pot sous vide cookers.
  • The lid minimizes water evaporation, letting you cook sous vide over long periods of time without having to refill water.
  • Flexible Lid – The silicone lid is flexible making it easy to refill or remove food or water.
  • The lid fits the container snugly and can be used to clamp the sealed bags to stop them from swimming in the bath, no additional clamps required.
  • The container is made of strong plastic with good heat insulation, NSF approved for your food safety. Only the container in which water is filled and heated is NSF approved. The lid is not NSF approved but is food safe.



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