Stainless Steel Grill Topper

A good stainless steel grill topper is the ideal accessory for people who like to grill seafood, vegetables, kabobs, and other tasty tidbits that tend to fall through the grates. 

Grill toppers make it a lot easier to grill smaller items and those that have already been cut up. A few of our favorite recipes that benefit from a good grill pan are Grilled Green Beans with Goat Cheese, Grilled BBQ Shrimp, and Grilled Sweet Potatoes. Price: $19.99 (as of 12/08/2022 22:23 PST- Details)

What makes grill toppers a must have for anyone who’s serious about grilling is how easy they make it to grill tender asparagus in the spring, some delicious Grilled Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs alongside a Perfectly Grilled Ribeye or charred Grilled Cauliflower as a late summer treat.

Buying a stainless steel grill topper that can be used over and over is more economical and environmentally friendly compared to the cheaply made reusable grill toppers on the market.

Perfect Size for Grill

This BBQ grill topper measures 16″W x 11″D x 1″H, which is the perfect size for a gas or charcoal grill. The topper has plenty of surface area for grilling all sorts of food while still fitting squarely on modest-sized grills. This topper fits all types of gas, charcoal, electric, wood pellet grills, and smokers.

Heavy Duty Grill Topper

The topper is made of heavy-duty rustproof stainless steel which will not break or warp at high temperatures. To make it easy and safe to use the edges have been polished smooth. The topper includes a 1” high raised edge that keeps veggies and smaller foods from rolling away. 

No More Falling Food

The narrow 1/8-inch slits allow the heat to circulate within the grill pan while preventing small food from falling through the grill grates. The small slits make this grill tray perfect for grilling cut-up items, such as vegetables, meats, seafood, kabobs, fruit, and more. It also works well for shrimp, fish, and other items that tend to fall apart on the grill.

No Warping

Too many other grill toppers warp under moderate heat. The Unicook grill topper will not warp, even when it’s in direct contact with flames from a hot grill! It has a patented warp-free design with a perforated grilling surface that provides even heat circulation to help you grill delicious food.

Makes a Great Gift

This stainless steel grill pan is easy to clean by hand or dishwasher, comes in a box, and is a perfect gift for your family and friends.