8-Speed Immersion Blender

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This 8-speed immersion blender from Utalent has everything you need in a hand blender. With a 250 watt motor, 5 attachments, and a variable speed setting that makes it easy to mix up whatever you’ve got going in the kitchen.

The 4 blade system chops everything up nice and smooth, helping to smooth out your toughest ingredients. The hand blender also comes with a 5-in-1 attachment that includes a mixing wand, milk frother, 500ml Food Chopper, 600ml Beaker, and Egg Whisk.

A few of our favorite recipes to make with an immersion blender are a nice cool Summer Gazpacho, an Ancho Chili Sweet Potato Puree filled with the flavors of the southwest, and our favorite BBQ Sauce.

4 blade system & 8 variable speed control

Different from ordinary 2 blade systems, this blender's 4 blade system makes mixing food more efficient, producing a smooth and even blend. With a 250-watt motor, this powerful hand blender has 8 speeds giving you the control to make milkshakes, soups, or baby food. Having your own stick blender lets you easily make whatever you want at home. It doesn't hurt that this modal doesn't make much noise and doesn't shake.

Milk Frother

This blender comes with a unique milk frother attachment. Different from a portable mini milk frother, our milk frother attachment can directly connect the main body of blender, giving it more power, which makes it easy to get more foam. The ratio of milk to foam is about 1:2.

The detachable attachments are easy to clean, chemical-free with ETL, FDA Certificate, dishwasher safe, and BPA free.

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