Folks on a Chicago Food Planet Food Tour

    An Inside Look at Chicago Food Planet and What it Takes to Run A Food Tour In Chicago

    When you travel to Chicago these days, there’s a good chance that taking a food tour is somewhere on your list of possible adventures. What most people don’t know is everything that goes into starting a food tour.

    Downtown Chicago on a fall evening

    At the Bar: What Umami is All About

    In this At the Bar column, I talk about Umami’s approach to storytelling, what our goals are, and how we’re working to become an essential publication for people interested in food and drink.

    The view over the Seine at sunset

    The Sleepover: A Guided Tour of Paris

    Paris is a city you can visit again and again and still be surprised, so whether it’s your first time or your tenth, here are a few suggestions to get you excited for your trip to the city of lights.

    Lake Titicaca

    Discovering a Shore Thing at Lake Titicaca

    On the border between Peru and Bolivia sits Lake Titicaca, considered sacred by the Incas, who believed that the creator god Viracocha rose from its depths to create the sun, moon, stars, and first humans. As I hiked along the…

    Great Summer Gazpacho

    Great Summer Gazpacho

    This Gazpacho recipe is one of my favorite soups to make during the summer. We usually have a big bowl of Gazpacho in the fridge all summer long because it is light and healthy and makes a great side dish…

    White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

    White Cheddar and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

    White Cheddar and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes put boring mashed potatoes in their place by using horseradish, white cheddar, and shallots to create creamy, cheesy, mashed potatoes with real zest.

    Buffalo is a great choice for stews

    Buffalo Stew with Poblano Peppers

    This buffalo stew recipe has lots flavor, a little heat, and a nice mixture of tender slow-cooked buffalo and hearty potatoes to go along with the crunch from the Poblano peppers and carrots.

    Creamy Corn and Bacon Pasta

    Sweet Corn and Bacon Pasta

    This Sweet Corn and Bacon Pasta recipe is a great way to take advantage of the summer bounty. It is also delicious with frozen kernels if you need to infuse a bit of summer into the middle of winter.

    Healthy Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toast

    Healthy Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toast

    I love lox and bagels for breakfast, the problem is it usually has more calories than I want for an everyday breakfast. This smoked salmon breakfast toast recipe uses smoked salmon, cottage cheese, and toast to create a healthier version…

    Better than sex cake

    Umami Bites: Get Down with Better than Sex Cake, Find Out Why Great Flour Matters, and Do a Little Good with our Super Bowl Party

    In This Umami Bites We Get Down with Better than Sex Cake, Find Out Why Great Flour Matters and Do a Little Good with our Super Bowl Party

    Elroy Sparta Bike Trail

    Walking the Green Path: A Tunnel Along the Path

    Running a restaurant at the forefront of a fair wage campaign can feel like traveling through a long dark tunnel.

    Nothing like making sun tea in the snow

    At the Bar: Thinking About Spring During the Hard Time

    It was a long bitterly cold winter in Minnesota this past year, the kind of winter that makes you think about how you can’t wait for global warming to get here.

    Great gifts should bring the fire

    The Umami Guide to Giving by How Much You Like Someone

    There’s someone in your life, they like to cook, you feel like you should buy them a holiday gift, but you don’t know what to get them.  It’s really simple, how much do you like them?

    The salad has a light citrus flavor

    Kale Salad: A Perfect Choice for Lunch

    I’ve always loved the idea of salad for lunch. Especially a kale salad that is the brightest, most colorful, and healthiest of them all.

    Cooking for You and Me

    An Introduction to Cooking for You and Me

    Cooking for You and Me is a series of recipes that can be made within 45 minutes of stepping into the kitchen and are designed to help people get into the routine of making dinner at home.