Fire Up Your Grill and Try Some of These Delicious Grilling Ideas

We’ve gathered all our best ideas for the grill in one place.
Korean BBQ Short Ribs Recipe

As summer starts to wind down, we wanted to share some of Our Best Ideas for the Grill. It’s a post filled with delicious dinner ideas for the grill, side dishes, and grilled vegetable recipes that highlight the fantastic flavors of veggies picked at the height of freshness. Hopefully, there will be something that inspires you to try something new before the grill get’s put away for the winter.

Grilling Ribeye

One of our favorite things about grilling is how the intense heat and fire add texture and flavor. This Perfectly Grilled Ribeye uses both to infuse the steak with warm Medeterrian flavors that are seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, and garlic.

When farmers’ markets start to burst with fresh produce in the fall, we love to roast corn on the cob over a hot grill and serve it on platters with a stick of butter along with some salt and pepper. The smell of sweet corn roasting is one of the signs that summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner.

As a part of our commitment to a sustainable food system, we developed this Blended Burger recipe that combines ground beef and mushrooms for burgers loaded with umami flavors that are healthier, more sustainable, and, dare we say it – more delicious than regular burgers.

How to Use the White Bread Test to Grill Better Food

If you’ve ever wanted a map of your grill’s hot and cold zones, try the White Bread Test. It’s a simple way to see where the grill runs hot and cold. Once you’ve snapped a picture of the results, you’ll have a simple guide to help you turn out perfectly grilled food. 

The next time you’re planning on grilling chicken try using our new Smoked Chicken Rub. This special BBQ rub uses a combination of smoked paprika, brown sugar, ground cumin, garlic powder, and chipotle to highlight the flavors from the grill without overpowering the chicken.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing Umami.  We greatly appreciate it!

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