Tabasco Pepper Sauce, 0.11-Ounce Single Serve Packages (Pack of 200)


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Pep Up Your Palate with Peppers

Make your meals come alive with a dash of Tabasco Pepper Sauce. This sauce adds an extra zing to your otherwise regular meals. Made with fully aged red peppers, distilled high grain vinegar and Avery Island salt, this sauce has a very pungent and fiery taste. Add it to simply boiled or steamed vegetables and turn those bland dishes into very palatable ones.

  • Made from handpicked juicy aged deep red peppers
  • Uses all natural ingredients

Just For You: The entire family

Essential Elements: This Tabasco Pepper Sauce is made from juicy aged deep red peppers that are handpicked carefully and cured with Avery Island salt. This mash is blended with high quality distilled vinegar to get that great fiery taste.


  • 200 – 0.11oz (3g) Pouches
  • The Perfect Packet for Your Lunch Box

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