A Much Better Gravy and Lots of Thanksgiving Recipes

A Much Better Gravy and Lots of Thanksgiving Recipes

There’s a reason why people say “it’s all gravy” when things are going well. A truly delicious gravy brings a meal together, elevating the dishes it’s being served with, and giving people a reason to sop up every last morsel on their plate. 

Since very few of the gravy recipes we’ve come across explain how to consistently make a smooth, delicious gravy. We set out to develop A Better Gravy Recipe that uses a simple technique that can be used with any meal and is versatile enough to be adapted to fit the flavor profile of whatever dishes are being served.

Homemade Gravy Recipe

What you’ll find is a simple Homemade Gravy Recipe that has all the tricks, tips, and techniques you need to make a silky smooth, flavor packed, delicious gravy from scratch. This recipe has well-balanced flavors that come from a simple fortified stock, fresh herbs, and a few spices to create a gravy that is both interesting and familiar.

We’ve also loaded this issue of Umami Bites with some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, starting with our favorite way to cook a whole turkey. 

There’s something about the crisp brown color and the smell of hickory smoke that lingers in the air when you set a Smoked Turkey on the table that lets people know they’re in for a memorable Thanksgiving. 

We love to pair the turkey with Grilled Sweet Potatoes, our famous Cranberry Sauce that gets its flavor from a touch of bourbon, and Sweet Corn sautéed with Anaheim peppers that add an extra dimension to a dish that is often overlooked.

Sweet Corn Recipe

We’re big fans of holiday dishes that are full of flavor and use ingredients in interesting ways like this Stuffing with Sausage, Apples, and Cherries, the stunning presentation of a whole stalk of Roasted Brussels Sprouts, or this unique combination of Wild Rice with Butternut Squash and Dried Cherries

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