Tips for Better Homemade Stuffing, Grilled Turkey, and More Thanksgiving Recipes

Learn how to make the stuffing of your dreams!
Crispy Stuffing

I have always thought it was a little bit of a crime, from a culinary point of view, that every Thanksgiving, everyone sits around the table, talking about how delicious the stuffing is, how it’s their favorite dish, and that they only get to eat it once a year.

To encourage folks to make stuffing all year round, we took a deep dive learning things like why it’s better to use the oven to dry the bread out rather than leaving it out on the counter, that the USDA actually has some helpful hints about cooking stuffing in a turkey and pulling together a list of over 20 different ingredients that can be combined to make the stuffing of your dreams.

We also updated our Mushroom, Onion, and Sage Stuffing recipe, which uses traditional flavors to develop a stuffing that is crispy on the outside with a creamy, almost custardy texture on the inside. It’s this contrast in texture and flavors that keep us coming back for more, especially when it’s topped with Turkey Gravy made from scratch. 

Turkey Giblet Gravy Recipe
This turkey giblet gravy recipe is a simple way to use a turkey neck to make a delicious gravy when you’re grilling, smoking, or roasting a turkey.

It’s a homemade stuffing that’s as delicious with Herb Roasted Chicken BreastsGrilled Pork Tenderloin, or Tender Roast Beef as it is with a Thanksgiving turkey

If you’re looking for a better tasting turkey, fire up the grill and make this Grilled Turkey with Fresh Herbs. To keep the turkey moist and juicy, we stuff the cavity with fresh herbs and a diced apple that adds a hint of sweetness.

The flavor from the grill makes it particularly delicious with Ancho Chili Sweet Potato Puree, where the deep southwestern flavors from the ancho chilies are combined with creamy sweet potatoes. It’s a surprising way to serve sweet potatoes and one that never disappoints.

Sweet Potato Puree Recipe Featured

If you’re still looking for tasty dishes to make for Thanksgiving, take a read through 9 Thanksgiving Recipes You Should Make for A Delicious Holiday. It’s filled with a few of our favorites, including Wild Rice with Butternut Squash with Dried Cherries that embodies the flavors of fall, Creamy Mac & Cheese with a rich and flavorful cheese sauce, and a Cranberry Apple Crisp that highlights the apples’ tartness.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing, Umami. We greatly appreciate it!

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